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In 1925 Giuseppe Tecchi, the founder of brand Basaltina®, gathered together stonemasons from Bagnoregio to form a select team. The quarry had been mined since ancient times, when small quantities of stone were excavated to create everyday objects. The products under the trademark Basaltina® had become famous for its durability and versatility. The founder's son, Raffaele Tecchi, has consolidated the company's success and assimilated all the latest technological developments. Basaltina's state-of-the-art equipment allows it to extract and process thousands of cubic meters of stone every year.

The company started off as a local firm and has grown into a major industrial manufacturer, admiredall over the world. Its staff works with the same passion as ever but now its market is international.

Basaltina has collaborated with some of today's most prestigious internationalarchitects and designers. The brand Basaltina is an essential ingredient in high-profile projects such as the Aurora Place in Sydney, designed by Renzo Piano; the New Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, by Gae Aulenti; the New Winspear Opera House in Dallas, by Norman Foster; the Hamad International Airport in Doha, by Ali Moghaddasi; the three Samsung skyscrapers in the famous Gangnam neighbourhood of Seoul; the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, by Gaudí, and, last but not least, all the Dolce & Gabbana boutiques throughout the world, designed by David Chipperfield.

La Cava Il Piazzale Il Laboratorio La storia

The quarry

With its 600,000 square meters and 26 excavators and cranes, our quarry is one of the most important in Italy...

The Warehouse

The nerve centre of the quarry in Bagnoregio is the Piazzale, where production continues round the clock...

The Factories

Our plants are situated in Bagnoregio and Ascoli Piceno: the two sites work closely together...


The Ancient Romans discovered the stone actually marketed with the mark Basaltina close to Viterbo and immediately put it to use as part of the...



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