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Welcome to the world of brand Basaltina®, the unique stone that has become a byword for Italian sophistication.

The stone registrered withn the brand Basaltina® has a majestic presence that is all its own. Its elegance and solidity have long made it a favourite of architects and interior designers. Its distinctive colour, unmatched beauty and exceptional resistance have made it the ideal stone for high-profile projects as its powerful visual impact adds a distinctive touch of class.

Basaltina®, a 100% Italian company founded by Giuseppe Tecchi in 1925, has always been governed by values that give pride of place to human relationships. It now employs 75 fully qualified workers but, despite its enormous workload, it is still run along the harmonious lines of a family firm. This continuity is the key to commercial successm of Basaltina Company, as it has given the company an unrivalled mastery and understanding of this inimitable stone and its particular qualities.

The products known by the brand Basaltina® is unique as no other stone can match its subtle colouring and textures. These are a result of both the natural characteristics of the lava from which it is formed and the company's superlative craftsmanship. The products of Basaltina® company is ideally suited to both interiors and exteriors.
La Storia Pietra Classica Eccellenze Esterni


The Ancient Romans discovered the stone actually marketed with the mark Basaltina close to Viterbo and immediately put it to use as part of the...


Classic stone, with its unmistakable horizontal stratification, conveys solidity, tradition and elegance...

Legacy Projects

Basaltina Srl is a major international company that knows no boundaries. It epitomizes.....


Basaltina® can be found in the heart of the city; from the paving to the.....

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