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Technical Area

The trademark Basaltina® has been awarded all the national and international certifications required to demonstrate the quality of its composition.
The products known by the brand Basaltina® resists both extremely high and extremely low temperatures, so it is suitable also for exterior floors and claddings in all climates.

The Ancient Romans knew this only too well, so brand Basaltina® has definitely passed the test of time!
lineaMaintenance Guide                                                                                                                                           Download PDF  download_pdf

Quality certification

ISO 9001
linea Pisa University test (Italy)                                                                                                                                       Download PDF  download_pdf
lineaASTM test (USA)                                                                                                                                                             Download PDF  download_pdf
lineaCEBTP test (France)                                                                                                                                                       Download PDF  download_pdf
EC Marking                 Basaltina® Type Classico 01/2017  download_pdf 02/2017  download_pdf 03/2017  download_pdf 04/2017  download_pdf 05/2017  download_pdf
    Basaltina® Type Selcino  06/2017  download_pdf   07/2017  download_pdf 08/2017  download_pdf 09/2017  download_pdf  10/2017  download_pdf
    Classic cement filled & honed  ITA download_pdf ENG download_pdf
    Classic sawn ITA download_pdf ENG download_pdf
    Classic honed ITA download_pdf ENG download_pdf
    Selcino resin filled & honed ITA download_pdf FRA download_pdf

Solar Reflection Test Determination of the solar reflection index   Download PDF  download_pdf

Slip Test (bare foot)       Download PDF  download_pdf


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